My Clients

My clients come from a variety of different backgrounds with unique visions and points of view. I work on different types of writing and all kinds of subject matter. My special interests include psychology, memoir, self-help, creative nonfiction, outdoor writing, gymnastics, Buddhism, travel, education, child development, naturopathic medicine, and all things Vermont.

Nonfiction writers and self publishers

As a writer you know how important language is. You know the words you choose and the commas you place can make or break a paragraph. The flow of paragraphs can make or break a book. The same is true for essays, blog posts, websites, and every other form of writing under the sun. My job is to help your writing shine. I can help you decide the level of editing that works best for your project, which of my services you’d like to use, and even what your most essential message really is. Together we’ll make your writing clear, authoritative, and effective.


I help you maintain your standards for a high quality publication. I work to find collaborative and concise solutions that suit the needs of the publisher, author, and editor. I communicate clearly regarding issues and queries, and customize my work to your briefing, timeline, and style guide.

Business Owners

Your words are the 24/7 face of your business. I get that. So I help you catch the attention of your target audience. Clean, clear copy allows your site to rank higher in search engines and helps establish you as an expert in your field. I can save you time and money by catching typos in a letter, going over your website, checking your blog posts, making sure your newsletter connects to its readership, or editing your annual report. Whether you just have a first draft or a carefully crafted document, I will collaborate with you to make it the best it can be.